Our Mascots

Bo Toner


Bo has been a blessing in many ways since the death of Gus.

When Gus died, we couldn't see ourselves getting another dog for some time. But after about a month, a friend dropped Bo off on our door step and told us that his son couldn't keep him anymore because he was going off to school.

At first we weren't going to keep him and were going to find him a good home. But after a few days with us, we knew that he wasn't going anywhere.

Today, Bo goes to work with us every day and he has turned out to be a great mascot. However I sometimes question Bo's judgment, because unlike Gus, Bo likes every salesman that walks in the door and he definitely can be bribed with a treat or a piece of cheese.

I've had many different breeds of dogs over the years, but nothing like Gus or Bo, hopefully we will not have to get another one for many years, but when the time comes, it will be another English Bulldog.

Gus Toner


Our 1st company mascot Gus died a few years ago, but we still miss him badly today. He was a good friend and a great company mascot for many years.

It seemed like Gus had a different facial expression for every occasion, which gave him an almost humanistic quality. Gus went to work with us every day, so he was a big part of our company culture, work and home environment. It was a big loss for everyone at TMT when he died.

The funniest thing about Gus was that he either liked you or he didn’t. There was no middle ground with him, if Gus didn’t like you, you knew it right off and not even a treat or a piece of cheese would change his mind.

Gus was demise of many a salesman trying to sell their products to our company, if Gus didn’t like you there was no way that we were going to buy anything from that particular sales person.

Like the saying goes, if a dog does not like someone it’s usually for a good reason and I have found that English bull dogs seem to have an uncanny sense of a persons quality.

We miss you, Big Guy!!